Adoro XL Disposable Razor

Sharp Adoro XL Twin blade disposable razor offers a close and comfortable shave. Its anti-slide grip gives full control while shaving. It has blade protector that saves the blade for better performance. This razor assured the durability in shave because of platinum coated blades.


Sharp Adoro Xl disposable razor


Sharp Adoro XL disposable cartridge

Razor with Cartridge Pack

Sharp Adoro XL disposable pack

Master Carton

Sharp Adoro XL disposable master carton


  • 5 pcs in a pouch.
  • 20 pouches in an inner box.
  • 8 inner boxes (800 pcs) in a master carton.
  • 650 Master cartons (5,20,000 Sets) in a 20ft container.
  • 1,300 Master cartons (10,40,000 Sets) in a 40ft container.